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        Corrugated filler

        一、產品介紹(Product introduction)
        It is mainly to replace the bulk packing in the tower, and solve the outstanding problems such as large resistance, small specific surface area, poor mass transfer efficiency, and easy to break. It regulates the flow path of gas and liquid. Improved arsion, wall flow and wetting performance. Reduced resistance while providing more gas-liquid contact area thus improving mass and heat transfer.
        Large specific surface area, high porosity, light weight, high packing efficiency; The inclination angle of the gas phase path is small, there is a regular gas phase path, the pressure loss is small, and the packing pressure is reduced; Radial diffusion is good for vapor-liquid contact sufficient.

        二、產品用途(Product Usage)
        It is generally used for precision fractionation of isotope separation or difficult to separate material systems that require a large number of theoretical plates, and can also be used in situations where highly loved to strictly limit or require high purity products.
        Applied in petrochemical industry, such as refinery catalytic cracking distillation section, fertilizer, natural gas, biochemical, environmental engineering and other fields.

        三、適用范圍(Scope of application)
        Can be widely used in gas scrubbers. Coking washing, benzene washing, ammonia washing, fertilizer heat saturation, desulfurization, sulfuric acid drying, absorption tower, etc.
        填料在塔吶構成均勻的幾何圖形排列,規定了汽液流路,改善了溝流及壁流現象.由于絲網獨具的毛細作用,又使表面積有更為有效的潤濕性能,有低的壓降和少的持液量,因此具有很高的分離效率。特別適用于難分離物系及熱敏性物系。The packing materials form a uniform geometric arrangement in Tano, which specifies the flow path of vapor and liquid, and improves the phenomenon of ditch flow and wall flow. Due to the unique capillary effect of the screen, the surface area has a more effective wetting performance, with low pressure drop and less liquid holding capacity, so it has a high separation efficiency. It is particularly suitable for refractory and heat-sensitive systems.

        四、技術指標(Technical specifications)

        填料型號 峰高mm 比表面積m2/m3 空隙率m3/m3 壓力降mmhg/m 理論板數m-1 堆積密度kg/m3
        SW-1 4.5 651 0.976 2-3.5×10-4 6~8 165
        SW-2 6.5 454 0.986 1.6-1.8×10-4 4~5 110
        填料型號 比表面積m2/m3 水力直徑mm 空隙率m3/m3 壓力降mmhg/m 理論板數m-1 堆積密度kg/m3
        SW-1 643 5.7 0.916 2-2.3 6~8 139
        SW-2 450 9 0.955 1.6-1.8 4~5
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